What Is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a silicate mineral that is naturally found and come in six types. Asbestos has been used for a variety of commercial and industrial purposes mostly from 1950-1980. It was used due to their durable fibers as they do not break down over time. They are also heat resistant, chemical resistant, do not dissolve in water and do not evaporate into the air.

Asbestos is highly toxic but only when disturbed. When trying to remove asbestos without the proper safety equipment you could release asbestos fibers into the air. Exposure can lead to numerous long-term health conditions and due to being a hazardous material, it must be handled with extreme caution and disposed of properly. Our trained professionals have years of experience handling and removing asbestos. Our staff is fully skilled and certified which can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Allow Our Professionals To Perform Safe Asbestos Abatement In Denver

If you are finding or experiencing any exposure to asbestos, don’t mess with unregistered service providers for the removal of these hazardous fibers. Visit TwoStrong Abatement for high-quality asbestos abatement in Colorado as we will serve you out of the box.

Why Choose Us

Having been in this field for more than a decade TwoStrong Abatement has known how to win the hearts of valuable clients i.e., through fast remedial action and crystal clear commitments. Our technicians are equipped with outstanding industrial experience and polite customer care service. We stand for quality work and virtual integrity.

Our Team

Our personnel at TwoStrong Abatement are used to of handling any situation either you need an urgent overhaul in for your kitchen or it is a large area where asbestos removal is inevitable. We undertake the abatement service within times with no hassle.

Qualified Workmanship

Our specialists are state licensed as well as certified under AHERA (Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act) and meet training requirements under OSHA regulations. So, you rest assured that you have trusted the right people.

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Why You Need Asbestos Abatement

You many need asbestos abatement in Denver due to fire, water, or other catastrophic damage to a structure. Materials typically include vinyl asbestos floor tile with mastic, pipe wrap, vinyl flooring, sheetrock joint compound, and spray-applied ceiling texture (popcorn ceiling).

We don’t doubt in that you may have know-how about how harmful asbestos can, but there is a chance that you forget about it in no time as it is not visible for you, but believe that if you are residing in an old building your family’s life is at higher risk for respiratory illness. Not only at home there is a huge chance of asbestos exposure to your kid at School, so hiring a reliable and efficient service for the abatement becomes foreseeable that is none other than TwoStrong Abatement.

How Do We Work

Our registered professional does a visual inspection of the area first for any potential hazards and takes samples for analysis. The inspector takes samples and removes small pieces of the dubious material and have they analyzed by the lab to determine their asbestos content. When the presence of asbestos content is confirmed he will undertake complete abatement or encapsulation. Asbestos abatement specialists at TwoStrong Abatement can regulate what actions need to be taken and are trained to remove the materials in safe manner.

We Follow Rules

We at TwoStrong Abatement know how crucial it is to perform asbestos diminution. Proper guidelines and rules must be followed by the company. Therefore, our certified technicians keep every inch and pinch into consideration while commencing the task to get the best effects.

We Meet Deadlines

Once, you call us and schedule the date don’t worry about it because we take the responsibility to serve you on time, in time

Say goodbye to Asbestos and Mold forever